Blossom Wellness

Jade Liu, Holistic Consultant

Wellbeing for Mind, Body, and Soul

We are limitless, luminous beings in a physical form having a human experience. Deep at our core, we are energy because everything in the Universe is made from Energy.

Yet each of us is unique, resonating our own frequency in harmony with the heartbeat of the world around us. Every day, life, is an adventure we are meant to enjoy, to explore, create, laugh and love, and be happy, walking boldly and brightly, finding contentment and value in all we do.

What does Wellness mean to you?  

What is your personal perspective of health and wellbeing? 

Well-being is maintaining an energetic balance amidst the chaos of everyday existence. 

Wellness is being holistically supported and empowered, in our pursuit of well-being.

Blossom Wellness sessions help replenish and rejuvenate your energies, 

to bring balance to the frequencies of the Divine Feminine and Masculine within. 

And restore harmony and equilibrium in body, mind, and soul. 



Each Blossom Wellness Session begins with a guided meditation to clear and release stuck energy, and relax body and mind, followed by a Sound Bath using the melodic vibrations of singing bowls and tuning forks. 

Ending with an IMF session of selected wellness programs using Healy​ technology. 

For a limited time, all sessions are $55 for 45 minutes, by appointment only.

Wellbeing is the key to our potential for happiness.


Frequency Therapy is based on the concept that everything is Energy. Our tissue, organs, atoms, our thoughts, emotions, and intentions all have unique frequencies that resonate to the conditions of our environment.

Bio-Resonance IMF Frequency therapy helps promote a natural homeostasis, restoring balance to our body systems and bio energetic field, and promoting energetic and physical equilibrium.

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Reiki is an ultra-high frequency, a cosmic vibration of 

"Divine White Light".spectrum,

"Reiki" translated means "Spirit Energy".  It recalibrates us on multi-levels, resonating pure love and light consciousness within the cells of the body, to restore us to our original perfection. Reiki is a self Intuitive energy that helps ease stress, sleeplessness, pain, and anxiety,   

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Sound affects us, at the deeperst level of Being. Sound is energy and frequency, vibrating at various speeds or Hz. We encounter Sound in many forms every day of our lives, mostly unaware that the effects of sound can pollute our body, brain and soul creating physical and mental disharmony. Sound uses frequencies to help release toxins we unconsciously hold on to, and restore harmony in the body, brain, and soul. 

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H. Jade Liu, Holistic Consultant, Spiritual Advisor, Metaphysician.

Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Yoga, and Qigong Instructor, Sound Healing Facilitator, 

Modern Applied Psychologist, Spiritual Advisor. 

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